Interactive Drug Analysis Profiles

The MHRA Yellow Card website is pleased to offer our interactive Drug Analysis Profiles (iDAPs) service. These replace Drug Analysis Prints, which were previously available on the MHRA website. iDAPs are provided for all licensed drugs for which we have received reports of suspected adverse reactions. 

About iDAPs

Each iDAP contains complete data for all spontaneous suspected adverse drug reactions, or side effects, which have been reported on that drug substance to the MHRA, via the Yellow Card Scheme from healthcare professionals and members of the public. They also include reports from pharmaceutical companies.

iDAPs enable you to interact with the data so you can understand more about the types of reactions that have been reported, and at a high level about who experienced the side effects.

Medicines are listed alphabetically by the name of the active ingredient, not by the brand name. To find the name of the active substance in your medicine, look at the patient information leaflet that was supplied with it.

iDAPs provided on this website are regularly updated. Please be aware, however, that if you have reported a suspected adverse drug reaction it may not immediately appear on this website. There is a time lag of around one month from receipt of a report to it appearing in the iDAP.

When reviewing the data within an iDAP it is important to do so in the context of the essential guidance at the bottom of the report to ensure that you do not misinterpret the data.

Questions & comments

The MHRA continually review the iDAP pages, however if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to share your feedback via the ‘contact us’ page.